Shopping Guide


Delivery will be by Yamato-Unyu.

  • *Delivery date will be delayed during peak season, or bad weather season due to the traffic jams.
  • *Shipping is in Japan only

Delivery Time

As for the order placed before noon, we are happy to send in the same business day.

  • *Delivery to islands, specified areas mights take times as expected.

Delivery temperature

If you ordered different types of pack, we will deliver in CHILLED cargo.

  • When the frozon packs are delivered by Chilled cargo, preserving term will be shorten to 2 weeks.
    *usually more than 2 months after delivery

Change for destination

After sending the order data, if you change the destination, please contact through the form as soon as possible

-items ordered
-new address to deliver

  • *After shipping, please contact Yamato-unyu with the number of shpping we notified.

Delivery to Yamato-Unyu service office

You can accept the items at the Yamato service office across Japan. Please refer to the area of the service offices and send the office name and address.

Shipping charge

・Hokkaido - 1,620yen
・Okinawa - 1,994yen
・Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu - 756yen

[Frozen pack]
・Hokkaido - 1,944yen
・Okinawa - 2,268yen
・Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu - 1,080yen

  • *Shipping costs will be charged by each destination.

Cash on delivery

If Price of commodities is higher than 9,000yen(excluding tax), Free of charge
If Price of commodities is lower than 9,000yen(excluding tax), 421yen

Credit card

Available cards

  • -JCB


We can not accept the cancellation after order

Return and Replace

Due to the characteristics of MISO POTA SOUP, we can not accept customer requests for return and replacement.

    On the other hand, we can accept return and replacement,
    when pack is not opened, and you contact within 7 days after delivery and
  • a.we delivered items you DID NOT order.
  • b.or items were broken or stain


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